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Sargent's life beyond the canvas

Cartoon of Sargent by Max Beerbohm A trove of John Singer Sargent's letters donated to Boston's Museum of Fine Arts reveals insights into his life beyond the canvas:• Sargent worked tirelessly, not only at his art, but at his image in the p...

Artistic Tricks / RSS - 10 months ago

Rainy Days in 19th Century Painting

Nineteenth-century painters loved capturing the unique effects of rainy weather and wet streets. "Rainy Day in Paris" by Ulpiano Checa (Spanish, 1860-1916). Ulpiano Checa (Spanish, 1860-1916) blurs the silhouettes of the buildings and carri...

Artistic Tricks / RSS - 11 months ago

Juana Romani, model turned painter

Juana Romani (1867 - 1923/24) was born with the name Carolina Carlesimo in Italy. Her mother brought her to Paris, where she began working as an artist model as a child. She decided to pursue an art career herself, studying with Ferdinand Roybet an...