Planning a 360-Degree Animated Doodle


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Google released its first virtual-reality Google Doodle to honor French pioneer filmmaker Georges Méliès (Link to video on YouTube).
Nexus Studios, who created the animation, says they planned the drama as if it was a ballet where the viewer gets to stand right on the stage: 

"Here is an early sketch showing the layered story (it was important to have clear separation between the layers). The main elements of the story, such as the primary character animations, take place in the red section. Secondary scenes, such as musician characters playing the score, take place in the yellow section. Finally, loop animations of decorative elements and special surprises take place in the blue section!"

The colors of the final animation were intended to evoke the hand-tinted colors of the original films:

"During Méliès’ time, they couldn‘t film in color so they would have to paint every frame of the films, often using a very limited palette of colors! We chose to represent that by incorporating a strong dominant color (e.g. cyan, red, or yellow) in every scene of the film."

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