New York Botanical Plein Air Event

 I'll be painting today at the New York Botanical Garden, along with about 20 of my friends. Come on by and say a quick hello. Gurney at NYBG. Photo by Ben Hider This isn't a workshop or demo...

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William Eggleston Quotes

William Eggleston's color photographs are featured in an exhibition currently at the Metropolitan Museum. The photos are dye-transfer prints from his Los Alamos series, taken mostly in the Amer...

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Planning a 360-Degree Animated Doodle

[embedded content] Google released its first virtual-reality Google Doodle to honor French pioneer filmmaker Georges Méliès (Link to video on YouTube). Nexus Studios, who created the animation, says...

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Sargent's life beyond the canvas

Cartoon of Sargent by Max Beerbohm A trove of John Singer Sargent's letters donated to Boston's Museum of Fine Arts reveals insights into his life beyond the canvas:• Sargent worked tirelessly, not only at his art, but at his image in the public mind. • Madame Gautreau, the subject of the...

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